Matters of the Heart Handled Hereā„¢

South Texas Radiology Imaging Centers offers advanced cardiac imaging technology for early detection of heart disease.

The 64 Advantage:

  • Improved image quality from increased speed
  • Sub-millimeter scanning of the entire heart in 5 heart beats

Clinical Benefits of Coronary CT Angiography:

  • Outpatient exam
  • Detects early signs of coronary disease
  • Guides appropriate therapy (PTCA, Stent, CABG)
  • Identifies anomalous coronary arteries
  • Ejection Fraction calculated
  • Identifies alternative diagnoses which may mimic chest pain
  • (Cancer, Pneumonia, Pulmonary Emboli, Dissection)

Candidates for Coronary CT Angiography:

  • Atypical chest pain
  • An alternative to coronary catheterization
  • Equivocal stress test with artifact
  • High-Risk patients (smoker, high cholesterol, family history)

Patient Information:

  • Patient should arrive 30 minutes prior to appointment.
  • Beta blockers will be administered. This process can add up to 3 hours to the appointment time.
  • No caffeine for 6 hours prior to exam. Patient does not need to be fasting for the exam.
  • Please inform scheduler if patient has a pacemaker or has a history of iodine allergy, bypass surgery or coronary artery stents.

Available At These Locations

Hardy Oak Imaging & Interventional Center Women's Imaging

18707 Hardy Oak Blvd., Suite 100 & 110 San Antonio, TX 78258

Northwest Imaging Center

4383 Medical Drive, Suite 150 San Antonio, Texas 78229